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Developmental Unique Alternative Learning Hubs

Re-engaging disabled and disaffected young people with education. Looking at short-term interventions that aim to return young people to mainstream settings.

Who are MySide Hubs for?

Young people who have been out of formal education for at least 6 months and are aged 9-14 years old.

What does a placement in a hub look like?

A placement only lasts 12-24 months and is outcomes focused

The Hub and young person’s joint outcome is to move to mainstream or another appropriate setting within 24 months. 

Parents/ Carers need to engage in a transfer program that will help with their young person education and future.

25 hours per week

10 am - 3pm

10 weeks per term

3 terms per year


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School Address

Sundial House, Jumps Road,

Churt, Farnham,

Surrey, GU10 2LB

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Technology Hub

Learning through developing AI and technology platforms.

3D printers, Robo technology, green screen technology.

Equine Hub

Learning through horse-based empowerment theories and regulation strategies.

Eco Hub

Learning through exploration of rural skills and arboriculture.

Green care and therapy spaces, forest and outdoor craft school, horticultural therapy.

Core Education Curriculum delivered every day throughout the day to empower learners to stay on track with the academic world around them.

Daily therapeutic interventions supporting neurodevelopment trauma and disabilities that presently impact on accessing formal education.


Empowerment Hub

Focused on the family and practitioners working with hard to reach ‘off roll’ students, who have been lost in the system.


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