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Melissa Grigsby

Melissa has 25 years of SEND experience across various settings including, mainstream development for whole school Inclusion. The last decade Melissa has been a Head Teacher across two SEND settings, leading layered curriculum and therapy interventions to successfully meet the outcomes and needs of all young people within those settings. 

Melissa is Vice Chair of the National Association of Special Schools whose missions is to ‘ NASS is the voice of the non-maintained special school sector. We aim to put special schools at the heart of the school policy and practice, enabling them to be centres of excellent and innovative practice for children and young people with SEND’. 

Jo Franklin

Jo has been trustee of the COINS Foundation for over 11 years and provides leadership on the social values within the community.

The COINS Foundation is working towards an inclusive global society in which everyone enjoys the benefits of a decent place to live; enough to eat; employment and prosperity; freedom under just government and the rule of law. We aim to build communities where no member is excluded or disenfranchised by virtue of their health, impairment, education or poverty; communities which recognises the right of all its members to equity of opportunity; where those with strength support the weaker to be strong; where the wealthy support the poorer to prosper, where the wise support the uneducated to learn.

Larry Sullivan

Co founded/funded Stepping Stones School in Surrey in 2004 with focus on children with mild/moderate learning challenges. Based in a former United Reform Church. On Board of Governors. Established COINS Foundation in 2006 and funded social enterprises (Cookie Bar, Cookie Bus, assisted living flats, recording studio) to further support Stepping Stones and Young People who have found barriers to education.

COINS Foundation further funded and supports Widad special school in Dubai, Habit for Humanity, PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Secondary Education) and Disability Challengers.

Trustee at Widad, Board member of HFH, Patron of Disability Challengers.

Regular speaker in UK, US, Australian business schools “Enterprise as a force for good and social improvement”

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